The (Other) Rubber Band Habit Trick

Snapping the rubber band
  1. Place a rubber band on one wrist in the morning
  2. When you complete “x” habit (brushing teeth, exercising, meditation, etc…) transfer the rubber band to the other wrist
As simple as 1,2,3
  • Simple — Not only are rubber bands cheap, but it’s also quicker and easier to use the rubber band method than using a habit journal or app
  • Visible — The wrist bands are always there, right in front of you, always serving as a reminder
  • Customizable — Don’t want to use a rubber band? Switch it up with something you already wear (a ring, watch, bracelet, etc…)
  • Scalable — You can use multiple (differently-colored) bands for multiple habits. Just transfer each band over when the corresponding habit has been completed.
Track as many habits as you want



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