A Trip to Europe: Advice and Experience

My Travels

Venice, Italy. Photo credit: Sean Cook (travelling partner)

Recommended Apps for Travel (Top 10… +)

  1. Google Trips

Useful Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help — You are in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar language. It’s normal to be confused sometimes. Set aside your pride and ask. People have this odd tendency of helping each other. Take advantage of it.
  • Don’t take the inter-city train — Instead of seeing the city, you’re seeing underground tunnels. Even if it is a couple miles, it’s worth walking, or even better, biking. You’ll take in so much more of the city that way.
  • Eat at grocery stores — The best meal I had in Europe was Nutella on a baguette with a peach and a glass of €3 euro red wine sitting on the grass of the English Garden in Munich. Buying from the local grocery saves you money, and is more fun to buy and eat as well.
  • Be the one to say “hi” — I get it. You don’t want to bother someone who doesn’t want to talk. You might be right. But you probably aren’t. They may be thinking the same thing you are too. All it takes is a “Hi, my name is …So, where are you from?”
  • Remember the Serenity Prayer
  1. had my flight canceled
  2. had the airline lose my luggage
  3. got my bed puked on
  4. got scammed by “charity workers”
  5. got the flu
  6. got in trouble with the police (nothing bad)
  7. lost my phone (stolen?)
  8. flight redirected to the wrong country (I always wanted to go to Slovakia)
  9. somehow managed to lose my toothbrush and deodorant in customs
  10. not allowed on my initial flight back home



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